¡Oh shit, another GApps package!

The Gapps Installer is focused on recover that what google apps took from phones, Battery and Performance!

With magic tricks and more magic tricks I'm slowly reaching that goal.

See below for features list :3
• Only ARM64 builds
• CLASSIC and GO Variants
• MINI and STANDARD Packages (Pico/Nano like)
• Simple Config Files | HOW USE THEMS?
• Battery Optimizations + GMS Doze
• Notifications working fine with GMS DOZE
• Debloated permissions (WIP)
• Debloated unnecessary things
• Google Maps & Dialer support
• Predefined System Components
• OK Google support (STANDARD ONLY)

• Config Updater
• Data Transfer Tool
• Google Extension Shared
• Google Extension Services
• Google Calendar Sync
• Google Contacts Sync
• Google Partner Setup
• Google Play Services
• Google Services Framework
• Play Store
• Setup Wizard

• Android Auto Stub
• Device Health Services
• Digital Wellbeing
• Google App
• OK Google Enrollment

• Google Keyboard GO
• Gallery GO
• Dialer GO
• Messages GO
• Google and Assistant GO

| Added GO Test Build
| Fixed bootloop on PHH GSI
| Added system_ext support
| Another Fix for Product on PHH-GSI
| Implemented OAT
| Added missed Optimizations
| Updated a few things
| Fixed Default Launcher bug (if someone faced)

| Updated GO Variant
| Another Fix for Product on PHH-GSI
| Implemented OAT
| Updated PE-PATCH

| Can't even remember what was the last thing i did to thems

| Added GO variant
| Updates for MINI and STANDARD builds

| Last Update for thems (Untested)
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